Keep Up With Your Teens With the Help of Invisalign

At Boren Orthodontics, we are big fans of Invisalign™ Teen for orthodontic treatment. Invisalign’s advanced technology allows for precision in creating clear smiles and confidence boosting results. Read our top reasons why we think it’s a keeper in our orthodontic toolkit:

1) Keep Their Passion Front and Center
Invisalign™ is a great option for teens who don’t want to put their life on pause to get the smile of their dreams. Whether they are recording a hit album in their bedroom like Billie Eilish (who mentions Invisalign™ in her music video), getting ready for a big game, or live streaming their glow up transformation, they won’t have to worry about their treatment getting in the way. Invisalign’s custom fitted aligners feature a slim and comfortable design, are virtually invisible and can be removed for 1-2 hours a day without impacting results. That means less orthodontic related sports emergencies, more confidence in front of the camera and no missed practice time for that upcoming audition.

2) Keep Their Daily Routine Going
Since you don’t have to worry about brackets and wires with Invisalign™, teens won’t have to make adjustments to their daily routines. It’s easy for teens to keep up their brushing and flossing habits with no change. They can also continue to eat their favorite foods without restriction. No broken brackets or sharp wires mean virtually no unexpected emergency trips to the orthodontist’s office. Overall, Invisalign™ treatment requires fewer trips to the office and treatment times can even be as short as six months!

3) Keep up The Good Work
Invisalign™ aligners will do most of the work, but it’s important for your teen to do their part too. While Invisalign™ can be removed for a couple of hours, it’s important that your teen wear their aligners for the recommended 20-22 hours per day. This will ensure that their treatment stays on track. Luckily with Invislaign’s comfortable and nearly invisible design this is one rule that’s easy for your teen to follow.

4) Keep Growing
Teenage years are the optimal time to rectify orthodontic problems because their bones are still growing. A trained orthodontist can use this growth to their advantage to help guide teeth to a healthier position. This frequently leads to less time in treatment and is less costly when compared to correction of problems that have been allowed to progress into adulthood.

Want to find out if Invisalign™ is right for your teen? Click below to schedule a complimentary consultation! We promise to turn your teen’s smile into a keeper!


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