Erin has been an orthodontic assistant for Drs. Compton and Boren since April of 2002. She now works as our patient records coordinator. Her greatest satisfaction is seeing the self-confidence a child gets with a new beautiful smile at the end of treatment. She loves seeing a patient’s smile change from their initial photos to their final photos.


Stacy has been an orthodontic assistant with Drs. Compton and Boren since July of 2006. She loves being able to work with young children in the community and strives to be compassionate and caring with each patient. Her favorite aspect of her job is working with the patients on a one-on-one basis and seeing the change in their smiles as their treatment progresses.


Jennifer has been an orthodontic assistant for Drs. Compton and Boren since July, 2010. She enjoys working with patients in a fun atmosphere and loves watching their smiles change with orthodontic treatment. She strives to provide each patient with a comfortable and positive dental experience.


Melanie has been an orthodontic assistant for Compton and Boren since April of 2012. She most appreciates working with each patient and providing him or her with a positive dental experience. She focuses her energy on making everyone feel at home and like family when they come into the office.


Jenae joined the Compton and Boren Orthodontics team in 2013 as the Treatment Coordinator. She assists patients, both children and adults, during their initial exam, treatment planning, and financial consultations. Jenae loves seeing our patients’ smiles transform, and watching a person change as their self-confidence grows. She also appreciates having an amazing, encouraging team to work with. Jenae loves to have fun and laugh with our team, which makes the experience better for our patients.


As one of our receptionists, Beverly greets patients and makes sure they feel welcome from the moment they walk in the door. Since joining the Compton and Boren Orthodontics team in 2014, she has enjoyed getting to know all our patients and seeing their excitement when it’s time to get their braces off! Beverly loves working with our team, not only because we nurture the patients, but because we nurture and support each other as well.


As our office manager, Diana coordinates and manages the administrative, personnel, and financial aspects of our practice. She has more than 40 years of experience in the dental field, 14 of those right here in our office. Diana loves the rewards that come with each opportunity to watch the improvement of a smile, and feels lucky to be a small part of the positive changes that take place in the lives of our patients. Diana, along with all the members of our team, truly enjoys working together to make a difference in the lives of others.


As our patient coordinator, Gricel maintains our patient recall system and assist our doctors with correspondence. She joined Compton & Boren Orthodontics in 2008 and has more than 12 years of experience working in the dental field. Gricel enjoys working with our wonderful doctors and having such a great staff. She loves seeing the finished results and happy patients!